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"Any doctrine that enslaves God to our service comes from the abyss; He alone is King."
Pastor Derek Melton

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Congregation: The people of Grace Life Church

The congregation of Grace Life Church is a mixture of believers from every walk of life. In the congregation are school teachers, students, industry workers, police officers, corporate employees, and others. The common denominator is that each believer is wholly in love with Jesus Christ, and with His people. Snooty religious hierarchy is not present within this precious body of believers. We are a family of faith, and that atmosphere is easily identified as you meet the people. The body of believers at Grace Life Church stand along-side one another when faced with adversity or hardship. We believe in giving to one another when needs arise, just as in the early church. Life-long friendships are formed and maintained in this local assembly of believers. The most celebrated trait in each believer is their unwavering commitment to Jesus Christ. You will find this body of believers a precious rarity in our troubled world.

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