Pastor Melton's Quotes

"Truth will collide with sentimentality just as aggressively as it will coarseness. Truth will not be defined by either; it stands alone as an unmovable bulwark."
Pastor Derek Melton

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Why two crosses?

It's a great question! Here's the answer:

The central, more prominent cross in our logo is our Savior's cross. Apart from His death, we are hopelessly lost in sin. In Mark 8:27-33, Jesus explained to His followers how He would suffer and die and rise again.

The smaller cross in our logo represents the saint's cross. In Mark 8:34-38, Jesus taught that His followers must carry their own cross. Because of the saving work of Christ on His cross, we gladly follow Him in this Satan-controlled world. For 2,000 years, His followers have endured misunderstanding, ridicule, and other persecutions -- some even martyrdom. This is the saint's cross.

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