The doctrines of grace, the life of the Spirit, to the glory of God.

Our purpose and course of action resonates within biblical teachings.
Our theology dictates our methodology.

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About our church

Grace Life Church is a thoroughly biblical church, with an active community and an purposeful agenda.
We not only seek to better ourselves but the community which surrounds us.

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Serving the needs of the Christian

Grace Life Church believes that a meaningful and enduring fellowship within a local community
is an absolutely essential component to a Christian's life.

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Man praying

Watch our sermons and learn from our pastors. We provide updated audio and video channels to keep you up to date.

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Standing on Mountain

We are a community centered church and our statement of faith coincides with the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.

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Clapsed hands

We strive to make everything work seamlessly. We offer many features, such as membership information classes or child services.

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Chapel Stained Glass

Don't hesitate to reach out. Visit our contact page to speak to us or have us address any questions you might have.

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Online Tithes
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